Welcome To The Dairy Goddess

Farmstead Cheese

Made on our 4th generation farm with our very own generational Holstein Herd. We make our products with our own, Vat-Pasteurized Milk (No high heat temperatures) it's Non-Homogenized (A process that does not allow the cream to rise to the top). 


1st Place American Cheese Society / California State Fair Winners / Los Angeles County Fair Winners.


"How can this cheese taste so good with such little calories"

- Amy T. SLO

"Wow, this cheese is tastes so fresh and clean. Perfect to eat with everything. Especially straight from the tub"

- Mary M. -Fresno

We love our farm so much that we wanted to share it with others. In May 2016 we opened our farm stand. Here you can purchase any of Dairy Goddess Cheeses right directly from our farm. We have our fresh free range eggs in a variety of colors. Seasonal produce that we grow ourselves. We also offer Top Line Milk (same as the original Dairy Goddess Cream-Top Milk. Non-Homogenized / Vat Pasteurized Whole Milk in Regular and Chocolate). It is an honor to partner with the Van Warmerdam Family, also a 3rd generation dairy family. We plan on having a pumpkin patch starting Fall of 2016 with fun family activities. Please check out our Dairy Goddess Cheese Facebook page for the latest information and events.